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The AudioNetworks "Recognition Factor"

The Recognition Factor, first introduced by AudioNetworks in the late 80s is a way to measure the "credibility" of a recording playback, when compared to the live original. It ranks from Zero (totally destroyed) to 1 (undistinguishable).

The typical experiment assembled by the first researchers to "measure" the Recognition Factor was a human speaker talking behind a table compared to its recording at the same position with its head replaced by a hardware "speaker" (in most cases a combination of speakers). Each components of the chain of equipment replacing the human speaker generated unperfect results and were successively replaced by "improved ones". The importance of the fluctuation produced a sort of weighting inside the system, helping researchers to classify the most important areas of research needed.

The resulting list of 66 points to improve in the system was the famous "66 steps to heaven" which dictated the Goldmund Group research program for the last 35 years.


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