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AudioNetworks has been founded originally in the 80s in Silicon Valley by a few scientists working in Physics but with a personal attraction and dedication to Audio quality.

The Roadmap of the original company was named "The 66 Steps to Heaven". Which meant the 66 problems where Fundamental Research was needed to improve the Audio"Recognition Factor" of the brain. The Recognition Factor, invented by AudioNetworks, was a way to analyze and quantify the "difference" between live sound and recorded sound.

Among these new Audio needed developments, AudioNetworks found out the critical importance and fatiguing effect of the group delay distortion and developed a correction algorithm. For a few decades Researchers known that a part of the brain (MSO=Medial Superior Olive) nucleus in cells made the humain brain sensitive to absolute time delays. The work of AudioNetworks shown that the brain seems in fact to "resynchronize" the various frequencies that should have arrived together, developing a serious effort to rebuild the "Recognition Factor". If the direct A/B comparison between a time distorted signal and its original does not reveal easily this brain reconstruction, a repetition of the test easily shows that the brain is more and more "tired" of rebuilding the synchronicity when a non-distorted version of the signal is also repeated.

After un-successfully trying to mobilize the Research centers of the leading US universities like the MIT, AudioNetworks dedicated its research to the field of Professional and Domestic Audio, subventionned by the most advanced and successful companies in the domain.

AudioNetworks is now a subsidiary from Goldmund International Inc in Monaco and is working in collaboration with the best Research Labs in Audio both in USA and in Europe.

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