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In most Audio applications we are working on, the most spectacular improvment is achieved by using the AudioNetworks revolutionary DASE Technology.

The DASE Technology groups several proprietary algorithms manipulating the digital Audio signal to maintain a maximum "Recognition Factor" despite extreme compression and other typical digital Audio signal degradation.

The result of DASE Technology application is a significant improvement of the quality for the same bandwidth. (See also the results of noise measurements brought by DASE technology on a typical digital signal).

In order to give you a short approach of the sonic results we may achieve, we grouped on this website a few demo samples.

The Dolby Digital Encoding/Decoding Enhancement Test files

To demonstrate the DASE effect we grouped 3 samples of a well known music cut for you to download and compare.

The Sample 1 has been encoded using the standard Dolby encoder provided by Dolby to test the decoders (used at 192kbps, 44.1kHz, 2 channels). This encoder is not the best existing today. The decoder we use is also the Dolby standard decoder in 16 bits. We have not used our DASE technology in this sample.
Download the Sample 1 (12MB) (encoded/decoded without DASE)

The sample 2 is the same piece of music encoded by the same encoder but decoded by our own decoder. After decoding we applied the DASE correction to the wave files to show you the improvements brought by our technology.
Download the Sample 2 (12MB) (encoded/decoded with DASE)

The Sample 3 is the original wave file before the encoding and decoding process, so you may compare.
Download the Sample 3 (12MB) (Original Cut)

The samples are wave files. They have to be played on extremely accurate playback equipment, in fast succession, to be compared. You may notice that the slight loss of quality generated by the encoding/decoding process is mainly affecting the ambience and the voice of the singer. By using DASE we are able to retrieve a level of quality which is closer to the original, rebuilding some of the ambience and a more accurate voice intonation.

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