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In most digital Audio applications involving compression, a remarkable improvment is achieved by using the AudioNetworks DASE Technology.

The DASE Technology groups several proprietary algorithms based on new ideas issued from fundamental physiscs.
AudioNetworks developed these algorithms in designing ultra-high performance Audio products for ous sister companies like Goldmund and Stellavox.

These algorithms are manipulating the digital Audio signal to maintain a maximum "Recognition Factor" despite extreme compression and other typical digital Audio signal degradation.

The result of DASE Technology application is a significant improvement of the quality for the same bandwidth. (See the results of noise measurements brought by DASE technology on a typical digital signal). (See also our demonstration page).

Launched by first members of the AudioNetworks team in early 90s, the idea to fully compensate the time distortion generated by recording / playback electronics and acoustics has finally got its first full result in 2004 with the presentation of the Goldmund Epilogue 1 crossover fully corrected in time using the "Leonardo" algorithms.

The Time distortion is unavoidable each time the Audio signal's bandwidth is limited as in speaker crossovers but also in analogue electronics, speakers and microphones
Its sonic effect is not easily isolated because the human brain does a continuous "re-sync" in order to improve its "Recogntion Factor". The additional brain work is only inducing a less attentive listening of micro-detail in the signal, especially on spatial information and a listening fatigue. A Leonardo-corrected playback generates far more information and more pleasure. It also make a more "real" sound, so the listener is not sure anymore if the sound has been recorded or is playing live, an effect very much sought, especially by sound mixers in films.

The considerable sound improvement brought by the Leonardo technology has considerable impact on design of all Audio components created these days by Goldmund, AudioNetworks sister company. But it will also considerably improve effectiveness of Video Conferencing, Audio Prothesis, or recorded University teachings where the "Recognition Factor" is an essential part of the quality.

Domains we have already been
working on

Leonardo complete correction of a Recording Studio session.

Microphone Leonardo Enhancer circuit for Voice Recognition, Video conferencing and critical recordings in Education.

Loudspeaker Leonardo Enhancer circuit for critical Telecommunications, especially Video Conferencing.

Improvement of the sound playback in Flight Simulators to generate a credible emotional reaction to the trainees.

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